Speaking/Workshop Topics:

“Tackling the When/Then syndrome at any season of a Mom’s life (keynote)
You will learn:

The 8 lies we tell ourselves on why we have to wait on the “Then”
How to know your season and take action in God’s timing
Busy Women Connecting and Why They Should (keynote)
You will learn:

What connecting authentically can do for your soul
Why you should connect
Who to connect with
“The Busy Woman’s Secret to Finding More Time in Your Day” (workshop)
You will Learn:

What happens to your time when you start to manage your priorities
The T.I.M.E. principles
Unique worksheet tool to understand your time and where it goes
How to figure out your unique life balance
“The Secret to Aligning Your Life To Your Souls Purpose Workshop”
You will Learn:

The 3 Components of Successful Visualizations
How to turn your goals into your reality with vision boards
This unique hands on workshop will engage both the right and left brain through strategic planning and pictures