I was hesitant about doing a coaching session. I have never been coached, and did not know what to expect. During our session, Dixie immediately put me at ease with the reassurance that there were no wrong answers and that I was not being judged on what I said.  She asked questions that truly made me think introspectively about my issues.  She brought a new light to my issues and a new approach to how I could make the changes I needed to make in order to achieve the success I was looking for.  I came away from this coaching feeling like I had identified what barriers stood in my way….most of which were self-inflicted.  I feel more at peace and that makes me feel 100% more effective.  I approach the issues I am facing in my life with more self-responsibility than ever before.  I felt that Dixie was forcing me to take charge of my life and goals rather than sit and procrastinate indefinitely.  I have benefited greatly from having been coached by Dixie.     ~ Erin

There are times in life when you don’t know what end is up.  I was there!  I had such a desire to spend quality time with my husband but could not figure out where to fit it into my schedule.  Between both of our full time jobs, middle school homework, cooking dinner, cleaning the house and playing with my toddler, where was the time to spend with my husband when I was exhausted every night and just wanted to sleep.  After one conversation with Dixie, my world stopped spinning and with her help I became more focused and excited about how I could make this work. I found several hours a week to have quality time with my husband and a monthly date night as a result of working with her. She is great- down to earth, personable and really cares.  She is a blessing to all who meet her.    ~ Lorrie

Dixie’s coaching helped me to illuminate on some of the issues that I had been feeling but had not been able to vocalize. She helped me by figuring out what my priorities are and handling things in the manner which I had prioritized them. The time I spent with her was extremely productive in helping me to see where I was losing time or effort to things not on my priority list. She provided resources from her personal connections and gave me great insights as to what I could change in my daily life to be 100% more productive.

      ~ Vanessa