Move forward with your dreams AND be the best mom you can be… you can do it I can help!

Smart Mom, I believe in you- the faith that lives within you. I believe in your dreams and your balanced life. As a certified coach, international speaker and trainer I’ve connected with moms around the world like you to help you follow your dreams and find life balance. A lot of these moms have become momprenuers! I know what it takes for a mom’s life to feel full and I’ll partner with you to help you fill yours.

90 Days to Making Your Dream Life a Reality

Now I can’t promise you’ll be Kathy Ireland in 90 days but we will get you on the path to creating more of you what you want in your life and a lot less of what you don’t want.

It’s time to put the steps in place to make your dreams a reality! No more wishing and hoping.  No more disappointment or lack of belief that ‘it can’t happen for you’ or that you have to wait until something changes for you to get what you really want.

This coaching program will help you simplify, map & take action on making your dream life reality through faith! Your program will be customized to meet your exact needs, here’s how we’ll organize our time together:

Dream: Your Purposeful Priorities
We begin by engaging your heart and mind in a discovery session –– this is our Dream session:  where you are, where you want to be and what’s been holding you back. Our PURPOSE: Recognize the fears, the truths and non-truths holding you back from your perfect balance and start to build a solid groundwork of confidence, inner wisdom, strength and faith to work from.

Discover: Building Your God Given Muscles
This is our Discovery session, we’ll create your unique plan & systems to put into place to achieve your desired outcomes and pursue your top priorities. Our PURPOSE: Realization & learning how to self-adjust when tackling real life obstacles like juggling kids, spouse, work, self-care, and saying no when needed and all the challenges that brings with it.

Do: Mapping Out the Next Steps
This is your Do phase or taking Action: Together we’ll rejoice in the areas that are “working for you,” and we’ll uncover the ones that aren’t such a good fit. Our PURPOSE: Provide you with the tools you need so that you can make any of your new dreams a reality faster, quicker and bigger than you ever imagined.

Coaching is for you if you want to…

take the next step toward a dream, experience fresh perspectives, new challenges, realistic opportunities, enhanced thinking, strategic skills, focused passion, and increased confidence in carrying out career, family, and life roles with a sense of purpose. Moms can also expect to see appreciable results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and the achievement of personally relevant goals. You may even start your own business….who knows your sky is the limit!

Coaching is a powerful alliance that helps you live purposefully, successfully, joyfully, and authentically.

How Working Together Will Look

  • 1 private 90-minute Deep Dive with Dixie
  • 3  private 45-minute coaching sessions with Dixie
  • 4 private 15-minute laser coaching sessions with Dixie
  • Unlimited Monday – Thursday email coaching


Why 90 Days?

Stepping out in faith and making a dream come true while balancing life requires thinking, planning and doing….. sometimes scary but always exciting! After implementing these exact strategies in my own life and those of my clients, I realized something: The ones who saw the best results were often the ones willing to invest in themselves for at least 90 days. I’ve since decided never let another mom short-change herself! Bottom line, I’m truly passionate about helping you succeed and live your dream life, balance it all and do what God is calling you to do — it’s that simple.

Ready to stop living a life that’s less than the ideal and start living a life of your dreams, contact me now to schedule a FREE Envision the Possibilities Strategy Session.