Jesus is lost……

“Baby Jesus is lost” that was my comment to my friend as she called to ask me to a Christmas breakfast.

“Well Dixie, does this happen often, do you often lose Jesus?”

She was asking in jest but actually my baby Jesus from my manger scene was missing and it was driving me crazy trying to find him in all my many Christmas decoration boxes!

But I must confess sometimes in my life I do feel l like I’ve lost Jesus especially in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Am I the only one out there who feels like this? snow-country

The truth is Jesus is never lost and he never leaves me but this little episode reminded me to stop and take a moment to ask him to forgive me when I lose him. Yes I did find him for my manger but I can’t help but wonder if this was God’s way of gently reminding me that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Does anyone else out there need a reminder……give yourself some grace, I know God does! May you enjoy the holiday to the fullest and when the stress comes on may you remember this beautiful birthday is once a year AND Jesus is the reason for the season and it is a beautiful special time, so enjoy it to the fullest and be blessed by not losing Jesus but finding him shining in your heart and others hearts as well.

Merry Merry Christmas and here’s to all your possibilities!

You and YOUR Gifts

Corinthians 12:7-11, 7. A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. 8. To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice; to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge. 9. The same Spirit gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing. 10. He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy. He gives someone else the ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another spirit. Still another person is given the ability to speak in unknown languages, while another is given the ability to interpret what is being said. 11. It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have.

What are your gifts and how are you using them today?

beach sunset erma bombeck

Southern sweetheart Entrepreneur Dixie McDaniel de Andrade is a speaker who delivers a powerful punch providing inspiration, and how-to solutions to moms of faith. As an author and certified Christian life coach, she founded international coaching company Envision Possibilities to teach other moms to stop settling, tailor make their lives, take action on their dreams all while honoring their own family values! Connect with her on Twitter @CoachDixie or FB: Envision Possibilities

What Happens When We Feel Rejected?

I thought about giving up this blogging thing…..I mean everyone does it better and so many more people read others’ blogs than they do mine….. I don’t really edit well, I write like I talk, who enjoys that?

Etc, etc the negative thoughts continued….. Then an epiphany occurred; someone light shining through on dreamscontacted me and said “I read everything you write, I love your spirit, your motivation and encouragement, keep it up”……so I will.

What are you feeling rejected about right now and thinking about giving up? Should you really give it up or is it a God whisper to keep it up, you never know who you are impacting unless they reach out and sometimes they do, most often they do not, but you matter so keep on keeping on because you are making a difference.

Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised. Hebrews 10:36 NLT

(I thought someone out there might need this today, I know I did at one point)

What is YOUR Mission?

mission in lifeGo out and create some magic TODAY with your Mission, as only YOU can! Here’s to all YOUR possibilities!

Are you a women’s ministry or small group leader? Are their members in your group looking to find their purpose and passion to be able to live their mission? If so I can help; with the Find YOUR Beautiful Life 2 day retreat. Contact for more information.

April Is National Autism Awareness Month

70 million children and adults have autism worldwide that’s why I share this post again in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day because though people should not be defined or labeled by a diagnosis they have, sometimes they are and awareness is key! Also just being the YOU God made is the key to your happy life, I truly believe.


I remember when I was the world’s best mom. My babies slept through the night. When they cried it was so soft and did not disturb anyone. When they turned into toddlers there were certainly not any terrible twos or threes! They loved to eat all the great vegetables I made and never EVER asked for candy. My house always looked perfect and the laundry never piled up, the beds were always made, and surprise guests…well sure come on in! I had balance down pat between work and family. There was no problem with potty training and bed time…let’s just say I could get those kids to go to sleep like you wouldn’t believe! When we went out to eat our kids never played with electronics they colored or talked to us. I was so crafty I could make anything the teacher requested with old scraps lying around the house. Everybody wanted me for a mom.

Then…… I actually had children AND

I am that mom, who was blessed with loud, wonderful twin boys….that cried a lot and loudly

I am that mom who one time accidently in the middle of the night put the baby swings on level five to get the babies back to sleep and then fell asleep and left them swinging but blessedly sleeping all night

I am that mom who spent many nights sleeping outside the bedroom door on the floor just to be able to call out “it’s ok, mommy is right here”

I am that mom who had her heart break a little when the Doctor said your children have high functioning Autism, then I got over that!

I am that mom who was not invited back to a play date after my kids threw a tantrum to beat all tantrums….that’s ok we have other friends : )

I am that mom so traumatized by potty training we can’t talk about it

I am that mom who has lost it (yep totally and utterly had an out of body experience) MANY times over Continue reading

Jesus And The Common Core

I’m not a fan of common core education not by a long shot and today one of my sweet twins Lucas socked it to the core in his own way and I could not have been more proud!

Our other twin Gabriel is feeling a little down about his “gifted” math. Because of his ASD cloudy sunset faithcondition his brain thinks more logically and not very abstractly (which common core is built for the abstract). So with a test looming tomorrow he is very nervous and anxious. I am working with him on positive affirmations. As we were driving along today he was in the back saying “I am just so afraid I am going to fail, I am very nervous” and I am saying “No, Gabriel you can’t think that way, you are going to do your best and you are going to say I CAN do this.”

Then Lucas says from his spot in the back “Gabriel remember what we learned about faith… when Peter was walking on water and he started to lose his faith and sink then Jesus helped him….you just have to have faith and Jesus will help you do well” …..melt my heart….. take that common core! Common core may be the most idiotic thing I have ever encountered and my kids may not ever learn the way the government thinks they should but they know and love Jesus at age 6 and that’s pretty good in my book! And I have faith that God will hear my little boy’s prayer! And mine and yours : )

Here’s to all the Possibilities!

Are You Worried About Making A Difference?

No one gets picked for a team and then wants to sit on a bench. Nobody devotes years of service to a company with the idea that what she has done is insignificant. Nobody wants to think that at her funeral, the eulogy will declare that her life didn’t matter.

We want to make a difference, and not just for ourselves. Nobody hopes that at their window to guatmala ipicmemorial someone will stand up and say, “She worked hard to be successful. She did a good job acquiring power and money. She was anxious and driven and self-preoccupied and polite and respectable, and she impressed a lot of people.”

NO! We want to leave the world a little changed. When it’s time to go, we would like for someone to say, “My life is a little richer; my world is a little bigger; I’m a better person because this human being walked the planet awhile. She made a difference. She changed my life. She was the best mom.”

We don’t want to be benchwarmers. We don’t want a life on the sidelines. I don’t mind losing and I don’t have to be the star, but I want to be in the game. How about you? Are you in YOUR game? This desire we have is a wonderful thing. Our hunger for significance is an indicator of who we are and why we were created. Deeper than our need for food or air or water is our need for meaning, our need to know our lives count for something. We are built for meaning. Continue reading

It’s Almost Christmas!! What?!

 I love summer, smell the fresh cut grass, feel the warm sunshine and an ocean breeze on your face, see all the children running carefree, yes summer is a magical time. July also heralds in the middle of the year-yes that’s 6 more months until Christmas-where does the time go? We are at the half way mark.

How are you doing with the promises you made yourself at the beginning of the year?

Are you:beach amelia

  1. Right on schedule
  2. Lagging behind or
  3. Don’t even want to talk about it

 If you find yourself stuck on b or c don’t fret and don’t beat yourself up. You still have plenty of time to get back on track and come December 31st you will be patting yourself on the back and feeling very accomplished.

 So let’s finish the year strong here’s how:

 1.Get Your Vision Back In Focus: Every day we face many, many choices as faithful busy women and moms, so get back to basing your choices on what makes you feel happy and free rather than how you think an ideal life should look. Say a prayer and listen to what you are hearing.   Did you make a vision board back in January? Make sure you are looking at it each day  BUT  right about now if you are rolling your eyes at me and thinking that doesn’t work, I understand. The vision board itself does not change your life, but what does change your way of thinking is the process of focusing on the images you choose and how they could impact your future. Most of the times these images will stick with you and start helping you steer your choices in that direction. Before you know it your vision is becoming your reality because of the choices you have made to positively impact you and your family.

2.Let It Go:  Did you just cringe because I reminded you on the song from Frozen? Good, every time you think of that song remember these next words. You must let go of what is no longer working for you! These things can include a volunteer obligation, a family/friend obligation (that’s really not THAT important don’t slack on the important ones that could get you in trouble!) a chore that someone else can do or that you can reasonably outsource, bad habits, old grudges, you get the picture…. we are all holding onto something that we REALLY don’t need to.  Think about your own obligations and see what you may try giving up to finish the year your way, pay attention to the joy it brings you to let it go. Inhale, exhale..Think and let it go!

3.Don’t be afraid to fail: Have you longed to try something new?  Maybe switch careers start a business, learn a new skill or language….people that worry about mistakes paralyze themselves into not DOING! Success is built on failure; think about the story of Vera Wang she was a competitive figure skater in her youth who failed to make the 1968 US Olympic figure skating team. This prompted her to take a job as an assistant at Vogue in 1971, she then was promoted to senior fashion editor, within in a year of working there, but after 15 years of service to the magazine she was passed over for editor-in-chief of the publication. Now women can hardly think of wedding attire without her name coming up and her fashion is legendary.

             “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”  ~Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

4. Pay Attention: We tell our children this all the time, but how well do we really pay attention to what matters to us? Do you tend to think about others priorities when you make your decisions? Try to untangle yourself from that action to know what is important to you. People will constantly tell you that their own “code-red” takes priority. Your life balance is yours this last half of the year if you pay attention, but only if you acknowledge this fact: your life balance is unique to you and belongs to you and no one else!

So get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer. Spend time laughing with friends and family, chase fireflies with your kids, read a good book for fun, catch a few rays, dig your toes in the sand whatever makes you happy indulge and finish the year STRONG!

You can do it, I believe in you!

Here’s to all your Possibilities!

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Envision Possibilities helps smart moms live their life’s purpose with balance, grace and faith. Founder and CEO Dixie McDaniel de Andrade is a mother of special need twins whose husband travels extensively for work. She lives far from family, exercises daily (well tries to anyway), carpools, cooks, rarely cleans and juggles it all with a smile and a sense of humor! Her belief is you can do it too! With Envision Possibilities her intent is to help you live your dreams with balance NOW rather than slipping into the “when/then” syndrome. Through workshops, speaking and life coaching she teaches from Ecclesiastes 11: 4,6  – If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done…Be sure to stay busy and plant a variety of crops, for you never know which will grow — perhaps they all will.


Being Big in Your Life – If Not Now, When?

It’s the last week of school here in sunny south Florida and while I love,clouds love, love my kids being home and the thought of no homework and no packing lunches I also know that my “me” time will be limited. So before the year ends I took the guilty pleasure of having lunch with a dear friend. While I am on the subject of guilty pleasures I hope you take some time for you too every now and then and don’t feel guilty about it at all!

 So my friend and I started to discuss my recent workshop on spiritual gifts and real world personalities and how the most important thing in life is your priorities and how to focus on them. We started to talk about that little dash on your one day headstone after you are gone and what we wanted it to mean to both of us and our legacy. I know what you are probably thinking: that’s a pretty heavy conversation for a fun lunch but it was actually exciting because we were dreaming together about life. We talked about what we had done so far in life and what we still wanted to do and we were getting really passionate and happy about the future. I hope no matter where you are in your life that you are excited about your future and what’s important to you. I’ve written an article about that little dash and I hope it will get you to think about being “big” in your life the timing could never be better because as the title suggests if not now, when?

Being Big in Your Life – If Not Now, When?

Picture a graveyard. Under the big oak tree in the far corner, there’s a granite headstone. Look closer. See the name engraved? Yep, it’s yours.

So you’re sitting here, looking at your own headstone. There’s your year of birth, and the year you—heaven forbid—pass. And between them, there’s a little, coy hyphen. 

Now, here’s the good news: that hyphen is what God gives you to use for his glory.


Let’s take a moment to think analytically about that hyphen. There are two things that anyone who aspires to be big must face. The first is knowing what you want to do. Or, in the words of poet Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (We’ll get to the second in a moment.)

Determining what you want out of life—your career, relationships and your free time—is a surprisingly hard process for many of us. It’s much easier to abide by the rules and plans of others than to look within ourselves and see clearly what we are meant to—and would really, really enjoy with the whole of our being—do.

Here are 4 starting points for discovering your brand of being big:

What are your threads? Everything you’ve done and loved up to this point is a thread running through your life. Those threads are always with you, and you can choose to pick them up again at any time. Adored math as a kid, but your parents pushed you into sales? Maybe it’s time to take some classes and explore. 

Who makes you jealous?  While envy is not necessarily a good thing, Envy can be a way to unearth some of our big, deep desires. Who have you been a little jealous of recently? Oprah? A Friend? A Colleague? Another Super Mom? Maybe it’s actually a clue to your being big.

What have you always wanted to do? Complete this sentence: “If money and time were no object, I would totally want to…” Work in Paris? Market my invention? You could start today with a language tape or learning about the patent process.

What are your forbidden fruits? Sometimes we tell ourselves that certain things are off limits, when really, it’s just a mirage created by our limiting beliefs. What seems off-limits to you but might be great fun if it weren’t “forbidden” in your mind? Maybe it’s a God whisper asking you to play a little bigger……  Acting in a play? Buying a telescope? Writing a book?


Once you are firmly pointed in the direction of your own bigness, you will undoubtedly meet the second thing about being big. As any hero will tell you, once you start heading in the direction of being big…once you take action toward your goals…the second thing undoubtedly shows up. And that thing is fear.

Here’s the secret about being big: you still get the socks scared off you on a regular basis. (Perhaps even more often!) But it no longer stops you. Spooks you, yes absolutely. Makes your knees go weak, without a doubt.  But when you’re living big and having faith, fear ceases to be a reason to quit.

Because you’ve got big things you want to do with that little hyphen of yours.

So I ask you are you living big? What does that even mean to you? For me it means helping as many women as possible live their perfectly balanced dream life full of faith while living mine as well! Are you next on my list?

 Until next time here’s to all your possibilities!

Southern sweetheart Entrepreneur Dixie McDaniel de Andrade is a speaker who delivers a powerful punch providing inspiration and how-to solutions to women of faith. As an author, certified coach and life/balance expert, she founded international coaching company Envision Possibilities to teach other women to stop settling, balance their unique lives, take action on their dreams all while honoring their own family values!  Dixie is a world-class trainer; having begun her career in international development with the World Bank and spending over a decade working in training and development with multi-national non-profits and governments, speaking and training international audiences from over 100 countries. She speaks Spanish with a southern twang, holds a MA in International Communication, is mom to twin boys age 5, wife to her fun Ecuadorian husband, Co-President of Femfessionals Miami and  loves to volunteer with non-profits she holds dear. Find her on Facebook at Envision Possibilities and Twitter @CoachDixie


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