April Is National Autism Awareness Month

70 million children and adults have autism worldwide that’s why I share this post again in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day because though people should not be defined or labeled by a diagnosis they have, sometimes they are and awareness is key! Also just being the YOU God made is the key to your happy life, I truly believe.


I remember when I was the world’s best mom. My babies slept through the night. When they cried it was so soft and did not disturb anyone. When they turned into toddlers there were certainly not any terrible twos or threes! They loved to eat all the great vegetables I made and never EVER asked for candy. My house always looked perfect and the laundry never piled up, the beds were always made, and surprise guests…well sure come on in! I had balance down pat between work and family. There was no problem with potty training and bed time…let’s just say I could get those kids to go to sleep like you wouldn’t believe! When we went out to eat our kids never played with electronics they colored or talked to us. I was so crafty I could make anything the teacher requested with old scraps lying around the house. Everybody wanted me for a mom.

Then…… I actually had children AND

I am that mom, who was blessed with loud, wonderful twin boys….that cried a lot and loudly

I am that mom who one time accidently in the middle of the night put the baby swings on level five to get the babies back to sleep and then fell asleep and left them swinging but blessedly sleeping all night

I am that mom who spent many nights sleeping outside the bedroom door on the floor just to be able to call out “it’s ok, mommy is right here”

I am that mom who had her heart break a little when the Doctor said your children have high functioning Autism, then I got over that!

I am that mom who was not invited back to a play date after my kids threw a tantrum to beat all tantrums….that’s ok we have other friends : )

I am that mom so traumatized by potty training we can’t talk about it

I am that mom who has lost it (yep totally and utterly had an out of body experience) MANY times over Continue reading