The Time Game Of Life

Have you ever thought of life as a game? You know the clichés, roll the dice in the game of life, take a swing at life, don’t be a benchwarmer and the list goes on. What if we thought 3DCoverof OUR life as a board game?

I bought a brand-new date book yesterday, the kind I use every year-spiral bound, black leather cover and pages of blank boxes. Every square has a number to tell me which day of the month I’m in at the moment. Every square is a frame for one episode of my life. Before I’m through with the book, I will fill the squares with classes I teach, people with whom I ate lunch, everlasting committee meetings that I sit through, prayer time and yet these are only the things I cannot forget. I do not write down the thousands of cups of coffee, sleeping, reading, family time and I hope gestures of help to my neighbors. Whatever I do it has to fit inside one of those squares on my date book. We live one square at a time. The four lines that make up the box are the walls that organize time. Each box has an invisible door that leads to the next square. Each day we play we move ahead one square. Again you fill that time square with your to-dos. As we get older the squares seem to get smaller and one day there will be no more squares”…….. Excerpt from the works of Lewis Smedes

As you reflect on your calendar, your own game of life, what do the squares look like to you? Are you filling them with things that are priorities or do you need to say “no” to a few things? Sure there are things we HAVE to do that sometimes we don’t necessarily WANT to do, but challenge yourself as you look at your “game of life” will YOU win?

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Until next time here’s to all your possibilities!


Southern sweetheart Entrepreneur Dixie McDaniel de Andrade is a speaker who delivers a powerful punch providing inspiration, and how-to solutions to moms of faith. As an author and certified Christian life coach, she founded international coaching company Envision Possibilities to teach other moms to stop settling, tailor make their lives, take action on their dreams all while honoring their own family values! She is happily married to her Ecuadorian husband and they have identical twin boys (who just happen to have autism.) Dixie is a world-class trainer; having begun her career in international development with the World Bank and spending over a decade working in training and development with multi-national non-profits and governments, speaking and training international audiences from over 100 countries. Envision Possibilities is in business to help Moms worldwide find balance, make money, start their own endeavors (if that’s their heart’s desire), and to live happily through faith. Connect with her on Facebook at Envision Possibilities or Twitter @CoachDixie and sign up for her newsletter on our home page.

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