Jesus And The Common Core

I’m not a fan of common core education not by a long shot and today one of my sweet twins Lucas socked it to the core in his own way and I could not have been more proud!

Our other twin Gabriel is feeling a little down about his “gifted” math. Because of his ASD cloudy sunset faithcondition his brain thinks more logically and not very abstractly (which common core is built for the abstract). So with a test looming tomorrow he is very nervous and anxious. I am working with him on positive affirmations. As we were driving along today he was in the back saying “I am just so afraid I am going to fail, I am very nervous” and I am saying “No, Gabriel you can’t think that way, you are going to do your best and you are going to say I CAN do this.”

Then Lucas says from his spot in the back “Gabriel remember what we learned about faith… when Peter was walking on water and he started to lose his faith and sink then Jesus helped him….you just have to have faith and Jesus will help you do well” …..melt my heart….. take that common core! Common core may be the most idiotic thing I have ever encountered and my kids may not ever learn the way the government thinks they should but they know and love Jesus at age 6 and that’s pretty good in my book! And I have faith that God will hear my little boy’s prayer! And mine and yours : )

Here’s to all the Possibilities!

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