Are You Worried About Making A Difference?

No one gets picked for a team and then wants to sit on a bench. Nobody devotes years of service to a company with the idea that what she has done is insignificant. Nobody wants to think that at her funeral, the eulogy will declare that her life didn’t matter.

We want to make a difference, and not just for ourselves. Nobody hopes that at their window to guatmala ipicmemorial someone will stand up and say, “She worked hard to be successful. She did a good job acquiring power and money. She was anxious and driven and self-preoccupied and polite and respectable, and she impressed a lot of people.”

NO! We want to leave the world a little changed. When it’s time to go, we would like for someone to say, “My life is a little richer; my world is a little bigger; I’m a better person because this human being walked the planet awhile. She made a difference. She changed my life. She was the best mom.”

We don’t want to be benchwarmers. We don’t want a life on the sidelines. I don’t mind losing and I don’t have to be the star, but I want to be in the game. How about you? Are you in YOUR game? This desire we have is a wonderful thing. Our hunger for significance is an indicator of who we are and why we were created. Deeper than our need for food or air or water is our need for meaning, our need to know our lives count for something. We are built for meaning.

(Excerpt from “When The Game Is Over it All Goes Back In The Box” by John Ortberg)

If this speaks to you; if you are looking for more out of life, if you don’t want to be a benchwarmer, if you’ve ever looked around you at other people…other moms…and wondered what they are doing differently? Why they seem so happy and passionate about their lives when you’re just going through the motions? And you want to make sure you are living the life God intends for you then I invite you to come with me and 15 other women on a journey and Find YOUR Beautiful Life. (all from the comfort of your home) Learn more here:

During this program you will;

Solidify your foundation of faith
Define who you are and the reason you were created
Cherish the benefits of living in your giftedness
Get clear on where to spend time, money and energy
Learn how to listen for God’s voice

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Your mission means GOD believes in YOU……Are you living HIS mission in YOUR life?

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