Weary Mom, Do You Ever Ask “Is This It”?

Do you often look around you at other people…other moms…and wonder what they are doing differently? Why they seem so happy and passionate about their lives when you’re just going through the motions?

I feel your pressure and know your pain, I’ve been there…….

I grew up with the dream of being a business woman complete with the high heels and suits and when the time was right also to be a mom……I’ve done both…..I’ve loved both and sometimes I’ve asked in a small little voice in my head where no one can hear but God…..is this it? Am I missing out on your plan? What am I here for? And yes, I have been mightily blessed so I feel guilty asking this question but still I know if I am not living my God given passions am I really living my life on purpose…..his purpose?

I know you are busy and I know you have dreams to meld with the busyness. Can you do it? Sure you can! You just need to know where to start. Join me from anywhere in the world to Find Your Beautiful Life check it out here


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