For Moms Who Are Searching for Something More

Welcome, busy, smart mom. I’m so happy you are here! Come in and let’s get to know one another. Have you ever looked around your life and wondered, “is this it?” And then felt a little guilty for even thinking that? Because you know your life is great and God has wonderfully blessed you but you still feel like there is something more (or something missing?).

If you’ve ever felt this way – even for a second – I want you to know you are not alone…I understand and I get you. As a mom, friend, wife, sister, executive, entrepreneur, dreamer and faith seeker – -I’m blessed, too — and yet I sometimes ask “is this it?”

We’re responsible for so much: planned days get shoved aside because of all the hats we wear, our kids need to be picked up, dropped off, fed, changed, helped with homework, taught values, read to, put to bed, disciplined, and the list goes on. Our spouses need us to run errands, pay bills, cook dinner, do laundry and talk to them, What?? Talk, who has time to communicate!! We need to concentrate on work. Our volunteer organizations need us to help just a “little” more. Our friends need some quality time with us and an ear to listen. So what about you what do you need?

Some days I’ve got this life balance thing down pat and I’m living my dreams and managing my time well and others I’m reaching for something higher. I believe we can all have our beautiful life and Envision all of our Possibilities, I believe you can start your own business, ministry, blog or whatever God is calling you to do….let’s take that time here on these pages together and may you live the life you have always dreamed…..  right now today!

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