For Moms Who Are Searching for Something More


Welcome, busy, smart mom. I’m so happy you are here! Come in and let’s get to know one another. Have you ever looked around your life and wondered, “is this it?” And then felt a little guilty for even thinking that? Because you know your life is great and God has wonderfully blessed you but you still feel like there is something more (or something missing?).

If you’ve ever felt this way – even for a second – I want you to know you are not alone…I understand and I get you. As a mom, friend, wife, sister, executive, entrepreneur, dreamer and faith seeker – -I’m blessed, too — and yet I sometimes ask “is this it?”

We’re responsible for so much: planned days get shoved aside because of all the hats we wear, our kids need to be picked up, dropped off, fed, changed, helped with homework, taught values, read to, put to bed, disciplined, and the list goes on. Our spouses need us to run errands, pay bills, cook dinner, do laundry and talk to them, What?? Talk, who has time to communicate!! We need to concentrate on work. Our volunteer organizations need us to help just a “little” more. Our friends need some quality time with us and an ear to listen. So what about you what do you need?

Some days I’ve got this life balance thing down pat and I’m living my dreams and managing my time well and others I’m reaching for something higher. I believe we can all have our beautiful life and Envision all of our Possibilities, I believe you can start your own business, ministry, blog or whatever God is calling you to do….let’s take that time here on these pages together and may you live the life you have always dreamed…..  right now today!

The Time Game Of Life

Have you ever thought of life as a game? You know the clichés, roll the dice in the game of life, take a swing at life, don’t be a benchwarmer and the list goes on. What if we thought 3DCoverof OUR life as a board game?

I bought a brand-new date book yesterday, the kind I use every year-spiral bound, black leather cover and pages of blank boxes. Every square has a number to tell me which day of the month I’m in at the moment. Every square is a frame for one episode of my life. Before I’m through with the book, I will fill the squares with classes I teach, people with whom I ate lunch, everlasting committee meetings that I sit through, prayer time and yet these are only the things I cannot forget. I do not write down the thousands of cups of coffee, sleeping, reading, family time and I hope gestures of help to my neighbors. Whatever I do it has to fit inside one of those squares on my date book. We live one square at a time. The four lines that make up the box are the walls that organize time. Each box has an invisible door that leads to the next square. Each day we play we move ahead one square. Again you fill that time square with your to-dos. As we get older the squares seem to get smaller and one day there will be no more squares”…….. Excerpt from the works of Lewis Smedes Continue reading

April Is National Autism Awareness Month

70 million children and adults have autism worldwide that’s why I share this post again in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day because though people should not be defined or labeled by a diagnosis they have, sometimes they are and awareness is key! Also just being the YOU God made is the key to your happy life, I truly believe.


I remember when I was the world’s best mom. My babies slept through the night. When they cried it was so soft and did not disturb anyone. When they turned into toddlers there were certainly not any terrible twos or threes! They loved to eat all the great vegetables I made and never EVER asked for candy. My house always looked perfect and the laundry never piled up, the beds were always made, and surprise guests…well sure come on in! I had balance down pat between work and family. There was no problem with potty training and bed time…let’s just say I could get those kids to go to sleep like you wouldn’t believe! When we went out to eat our kids never played with electronics they colored or talked to us. I was so crafty I could make anything the teacher requested with old scraps lying around the house. Everybody wanted me for a mom.

Then…… I actually had children AND

I am that mom, who was blessed with loud, wonderful twin boys….that cried a lot and loudly

I am that mom who one time accidently in the middle of the night put the baby swings on level five to get the babies back to sleep and then fell asleep and left them swinging but blessedly sleeping all night

I am that mom who spent many nights sleeping outside the bedroom door on the floor just to be able to call out “it’s ok, mommy is right here”

I am that mom who had her heart break a little when the Doctor said your children have high functioning Autism, then I got over that!

I am that mom who was not invited back to a play date after my kids threw a tantrum to beat all tantrums….that’s ok we have other friends : )

I am that mom so traumatized by potty training we can’t talk about it

I am that mom who has lost it (yep totally and utterly had an out of body experience) MANY times over Continue reading

Jesus And The Common Core

I’m not a fan of common core education not by a long shot and today one of my sweet twins Lucas socked it to the core in his own way and I could not have been more proud!

Our other twin Gabriel is feeling a little down about his “gifted” math. Because of his ASD cloudy sunset faithcondition his brain thinks more logically and not very abstractly (which common core is built for the abstract). So with a test looming tomorrow he is very nervous and anxious. I am working with him on positive affirmations. As we were driving along today he was in the back saying “I am just so afraid I am going to fail, I am very nervous” and I am saying “No, Gabriel you can’t think that way, you are going to do your best and you are going to say I CAN do this.”

Then Lucas says from his spot in the back “Gabriel remember what we learned about faith… when Peter was walking on water and he started to lose his faith and sink then Jesus helped him….you just have to have faith and Jesus will help you do well” …..melt my heart….. take that common core! Common core may be the most idiotic thing I have ever encountered and my kids may not ever learn the way the government thinks they should but they know and love Jesus at age 6 and that’s pretty good in my book! And I have faith that God will hear my little boy’s prayer! And mine and yours : )

Here’s to all the Possibilities!

Are You Worried About Making A Difference?

No one gets picked for a team and then wants to sit on a bench. Nobody devotes years of service to a company with the idea that what she has done is insignificant. Nobody wants to think that at her funeral, the eulogy will declare that her life didn’t matter.

We want to make a difference, and not just for ourselves. Nobody hopes that at their window to guatmala ipicmemorial someone will stand up and say, “She worked hard to be successful. She did a good job acquiring power and money. She was anxious and driven and self-preoccupied and polite and respectable, and she impressed a lot of people.”

NO! We want to leave the world a little changed. When it’s time to go, we would like for someone to say, “My life is a little richer; my world is a little bigger; I’m a better person because this human being walked the planet awhile. She made a difference. She changed my life. She was the best mom.”

We don’t want to be benchwarmers. We don’t want a life on the sidelines. I don’t mind losing and I don’t have to be the star, but I want to be in the game. How about you? Are you in YOUR game? This desire we have is a wonderful thing. Our hunger for significance is an indicator of who we are and why we were created. Deeper than our need for food or air or water is our need for meaning, our need to know our lives count for something. We are built for meaning. Continue reading

Weary Mom, Do You Ever Ask “Is This It”?

Do you often look around you at other people…other moms…and wonder what they are doing differently? Why they seem so happy and passionate about their lives when you’re just going through the motions?

I feel your pressure and know your pain, I’ve been there…….

I grew up with the dream of being a business woman complete with the high heels and suits and when the time was right also to be a mom……I’ve done both…..I’ve loved both and sometimes I’ve asked in a small little voice in my head where no one can hear but God… this it? Am I missing out on your plan? What am I here for? And yes, I have been mightily blessed so I feel guilty asking this question but still I know if I am not living my God given passions am I really living my life on purpose…..his purpose?

I know you are busy and I know you have dreams to meld with the busyness. Can you do it? Sure you can! You just need to know where to start. Join me from anywhere in the world to Find Your Beautiful Life check it out here

Jesus Is Lost

snow-country“Baby Jesus is lost” that was my comment to my friend as she called to ask me to a Christmas breakfast.

“Well Dixie, does this happen often, do you often lose Jesus?”

She was asking in jest, but actually my baby Jesus from my manger scene was missing and it was driving me crazy trying to find him in all my many Christmas decoration boxes!

But I must confess sometimes in my life I do feel l like I’ve lost Jesus especially in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Am I the only one out there who feels like this?

The truth is Jesus is never lost and he never leaves me but this little episode reminded me to stop and take a moment to ask him to forgive me when I lose him. Yes I did find him for my manger but I can’t help but wonder if this was God’s way of gently reminding me that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Does anyone else out there need a reminder……give yourself some grace I know God does! May you enjoy the holiday to the fullest and when the stress comes on may you remember this time is once a year AND Jesus is the reason for the season and it should be joyful.

Merry Merry Christmas and here’s to all your possibilities!


Chasing the Divine: How to pursue our God-given dreams

by Melinda Means of Mothering From Scratch


I was only 8 years old, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

My second grade teacher asked us to write a story. She would pick the best one and award a prize.

I don’t remember much about what I wrote that day, although I’m sure it wasn’t Pulitzer Prize material.

Somehow, miraculously, I won. My “prize” was a dime store, strawberry-shaped notebook. I didn’t care. That day, God sparked a dream in my heart. The dream to write.

A divinely inspired dream is a powerful thing – and a huge threat to Satan. He works overtime to discourage and distract us from accomplishing God’s purpose for our lives.

He tries to keep our expectations of God very low. Reasonable. Manageable. He uses people, circumstances — anything he can — to kill that big dream that lurks inside of us.

Over the years, I’ve thought my dream was dead many times. Buried by life circumstances. Backburnered at times while I was raising children. Downsized by financial realities.

Are you feeling discouraged by how slowly your dreams seem to be unfolding? You are not alone. But rest assured. When God puts a dream in our hearts and we’re relying on His power, timing and energy to pursue it — it’s unstoppable.

 How do you pursue the dream?

In Ephesians 2:10, God tells us that He has created us to do good work that only we can do. But pursuing our dreams can seem overwhelming. Here are a few guidelines that have helped me as I’ve pursued God’s purpose for my life: Continue reading

3900 Saturdays

 Friends and I were recently together and one common phrase ran between us, “I wish I could but there is not enough time.”  You see we are busy moms, wives, friends, writers, doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc. but as I was listening to us talk I had a feeling inside that said “this is not right, life is so precious shouldn’t we find the time” so in the midst of our conversation I stopped and said these words; “What if it’s us? What if we are the ones just making the excuses, what if instead of “doing” all the time we made a conscious effort to live our  priorities not someone else’s?” 

My friends were intrigued and we made a pact to try intentional living of our priorities for a month. It was not easy! Some of us had to give up volunteer obligations, some even had to give up friends, some changed jobs, took less pay, had to change their mindset and their husbands’ AND some had to hear their mama complain…..but through it all we knew that we had a few Saturdays left and this is how we NEEDED to live our lives, this is what God intended… many Saturdays do you have left?

I do not know who originally wrote this story but I do know you can find it in “Charging The Human Battery” by Mac Anderson and also on a lot of other blogs and email chains (so I give credit to the unknown original author and Mr Anderson)….enjoy and may you forever remember your Saturdays…….


‘3900 Saturdays’

The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable.

A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the garage with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other.  What began as a typical Saturday morning turned into one of those lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time. Let me tell you about it:

I turned the dial up into the phone portion of the band on my ham radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning swap net. Along the way, I came across an older sounding chap, with a tremendous signal and a golden voice. You know the kind, he sounded like he should be in the broadcasting business.  He was telling whom-ever he was talking with something about ‘a thousand marbles..’ I was intrigued and stopped to listen to what he had to say….

‘ Well, Tom, it sure sounds like you’re busy with your job. I’m sure they pay you well but it’s a shame you have to be away from home and your family so much.  Hard to believe a young fellow should have to work sixty or seventy hours a week to make ends meet.  It’s too bad you missed your daughter’s ‘dance recital’ he continued. ‘Let me tell you something that has helped me keep my own priorities.’ And that’s when he began to explain his theory of a ‘thousand marbles.’ Continue reading

The Holidays Are Canceled

I stand in the middle of my dining room and look across the room at the dining room table where the Thanksgiving turkeys made out of handprints sit as a centerpiece, mixed with the beautiful display of pumpkins and leaves.  I put all that together back in October and I sigh in dismay… its time to take it down and deck the halls with Christmas decorations………oh how time consuming, but I do love the end result! Growing up my mom and Grandmom were so good at decorating they put all the items each year in the same place and it was magical, they made it look effortless. Why can’t I be more like that? I thought to myself.

This year I feel the stress!  I want it all to be perfect.  We will have a lot of my husband’s fall tree with no leavesoverseas family visiting for Thanksgiving and our children are old enough to really have the holiday spirit so I feel like I should leave Thanksgiving decorations up until after Thanksgiving Thursday and then pull out the Christmas decorations; you know one holiday at a time, but then I feel so rushed and then time seems to fly.

I also want to create holiday traditions that my children can always cherish and I want to start this year since they are old enough. I think the “Samaritan’s Purse” shoebox idea is a great cause:  The idea is to fill shoeboxes with toys, toiletries and other items for distribution to needy children in Third World countries.

Continue reading